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Accessory Extension Cord

Water & oil resistant 14 gauge yellow extension cord with twist-lock plugs. Available in 25' and 50' lengths (nominal length, assembled length may be ... more info
Accessory Plug

Price: $9.80


Two-prong polarized twist-lock plug for use with 36-volt accessories, such as the drill and hedge trimmer.
Accessory receptacle

Price: $14.80


OEM replacement 2-prong twist-lock accessory receptacle. Fits B-145, C-185, E12, E12M, E12S, E14, E15, E16, E20, EGT-120, EGT-150, EGT-200 and I-5 ... more info
Blade for GE PM-series mowers

Factory original 18" blade for GE/Wheelhorse push mowers models PM1, PM31, and PM32.
Blade Set - cultivator/weeder

Blade set for weeder/cultivator (hand tiller). Set includes two "A" blades and two "B" blades. Part numbers 43-00358, 43-00359, 521845, 521846.
Brake Switch

Price: $15.40


Brake switch. 2-7/8" spring-loaded actuator lever. Fits E12M, EGT-120, EGT-150, and EGT-200 models.
Brake/Clutch Switch

Price: $11.40


Brake switch, 2-7/8" spring-loaded actuator lever. Includes stainless steel mounting hardware. Fits B-145, C-185, E8*, E10*, EGT-80*, EGT-100*, E12, ... more info
Card 1 - replacement orange capacitor

Polyester film capacitor with wax-free conformal epoxy coating to protect against moisture, rated 1.0 uF 100 VDC. ROHS Compliant. Note that ... more info
Card 3 - Field Resistor Assembly (E15)

Card 3, field resistor assembly. Fits E15 models, versions AA-HA. Note: Not for use with E20 and I-Series models. Replaces 211A3162G1, 517370.
Card 3 - Field Resistor Assembly (E20/I-Series)

Card 3, field resistor assembly. Fits E20 models, versions AA-DA, and I-Series,versions CE20AA and CE20BA. Note: Not for use with E15 models. ... more info
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