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Alltrax has specially modified their amazing golf-cart controllers to match the unique requirements of the Elec-Trak machines, and The Electric Tractor Store is pleased to be the exclusive dealer of this product, the DCX-300ET.

By upgrading your tractor with this modern electronic controller, you will eliminate much of the rats nest of wiring in the stock unit, simplify troubleshooting, and have more precise speed control.

The DCX-300ET is water proof & corrosion resistant with epoxy encapsulated circuitry and an integrated anodized heat-sink.

It is ready to use out of the box, or can be programmed using a Windows-based computer to tweak settings such as acceleration and braking rates.*

The armature current is rated at 135 amps for 1 hour, with a maximum limit of 300 amps peak that can be sustained for up to 2 minutes. This is more than enough to handle all your Elec-Trak needs, even when plowing or towing! The field current limit is 5 amps, which is designed to match the unique requirements of the Elec-Trak motor.

Fits C-185, E12 (except JA and JD versions), E12M, E12S, E15, E16, E20, EGT-150, EGT-200, I-2 and I-5 models. Ships fully programmed with matching edge connector, fuse, and necessary resistors and diodes.

Significant tools, time and electrical and mechanical skills are required for a successful installation!. To complete the installation you will also need cabling, lugs, a "pot box", contactor (possibly reused from existing controls) and misc. hardware for mounting.

A genuine Curtis PB-6 pot box is available as an option (select below). The lever of the pot box will need to be attached to a dash-board throttle control arm or to a foot pedal.

A heavy-duty contactor is also available as an option (select below). It is rated for 200 amps continuous with higher peak currents. While an existing contactor may be reused, the heavy duty upgrade is strongly recommend especially for use with plows or ground-engaging equipment.

*An older computer with an RS-232 serial port and 9-pin cable is required for programming, or a newer computer with USB to serial adapter. NOTE: not all USB adapters are compatible. Direction and speed must be correctly matched or permanent damage to the controller may result.

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