Color Finishes

Our replacement body parts are manufactured with a durable powder coat finish. Powder coating emits few VOCs and produces little waste [learn more (Wikipedia)].

We provide standardized colors which are a good match to the original equipment. Be aware that these colors may not be identical to your particular tractor, and no two tractors are alike after 40+ years. However all finished parts from the Electric Tractor Store will match each other.

When replacing a body part, you will find the pre-finished parts provide for quick project completion. Matching spray paint is available for touch up use.

If you plan to use a different color scheme, you may still wish to use pre-finished parts. The powder coating can be de-glossed with fine sand paper and provides an excellent surface for top-coating with spray paint. Alternatively, some parts are available unfinished for those wishing to do all the preparation and finishing themselves.

We have selected "Trinidad Yellow" as a reasonable match to the GE Elec-Trak line, "Steel Rack Orange" as a reasonable match to the I-2 and I-5 models, and "Brown-Red" as a reasonable match to the Wheelhorse line. The orange may also be used with New Idea models, although the color match is not ideal.

Trinidad Yellow

Steel Rack Orange

The above color sample were generated directly from finished panels. However, there are huge variations in computer displays so what you see on your screen may not be an accurate representation of the actual color.

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